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Best Tape Options for you: "Human Duck Tape" - leuko and coverall tape pack & Kinesio Tape

This is the same tape we used in the clinic on your ankle, knee or shoulder. Use the above links to get it.

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Forearm Strength

I used to make these as a kid using cut up hockey sticks, a drill, and some rope. Now they are fancy and nicer on your hands. Use this for incredible forearm strength and never have elbow pain.

Strong, pain-free wrists and elbows

I use this device to keep my hands and wrists healthy. It helps me help you, and will help you to keep your wrists and elbows pain free.

Exercise Balls

Great for sitting on and targeted rehab exercises. 55cm works well for 5'9" and smaller. 65cm works well for 5'10" and taller.


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